Who needs DropToExcel?

Anyone who receives bank account transactions, general ledger reports or supplier account summaries in a list and needs to analyse or compare the data in Excel with a variety of different settings, has a need for DropToExcel.

What is the cost of DropToExcel?

DropToExcel is completely free to download and use, with carefully selected advertisements, for 3 months. For an annual fee you can use an unlimited version of DropToExcel.

One of the many features of DropToExcel is the ability to allow users to output the summary options selected to Excel – this functionality helps to ensure transparency and accountability throughout the analysis process.

How much time will DropToExcel save me?

DropToExcel is designed to reduce user interaction throughout the transaction summary process to a minimal level. Therefore, any time that you or your team currently spend identifying and analysing categories, keywords, recurring transactions, duplicate transactions or unique transactions, can be saved by using DropToExcel.

I already create transaction summaries in Excel, why do I need DropToExcel?

DropToExcel makes it possible to create a consistent summary of transactions, showing aspects that are slow, inaccurate or impossible to generate manually. For example, DropToExcel will categorise transactions using specified keywords, in a few seconds.  Also, DropToExcel will display a list of the keywords used in your transactions, as well as the earliest date, latest date and total number/value.